Blue Denim Jacket Over White Knit Cropped Top and White Lace Cropped Wide Leg Pants, Styled with Leopard Flats and Brown Box Bag

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Dear all, today's outfit is blue denim jacket over all white, styled with leopard kitten flats and brown box bag. The lace wide leg cropped pants in white are essential to this look. It adds a delicate touch to the pop culture denim jacket. You could actually take off the jacket and wear the outfit in office surroundings. 


I am thinking recently to add an audible version of my blog, so you guys can actually be listening whilst engage in other ongoings in life. I noticed many people get frustrated with reading (including me), and listening to audibles could make a big difference. I have tried Amazon Audible lately and find it very helpful, especially with books in your second language, like English for me. I am not paid by them to say these, all the things I recommend in my blog are what I genuinely love and want to share. If you are interested in the idea or have other suggestions please let me know!

I also attached the book In Sheep's Clothing below that I recently listened. It is a book that gives you more insights into dealing with manipulative characters. I think it might be of use to everyone in some points in life. Listening to an audible is a great passive adventure that you could experience at home on a rainy Saturday. Hope you all do something fullfilling today!