Hello earth soulful people!

Are you dreaming of lying on the yellow Lemon tree summertime with warm wind breezing through your ear? The blue shade of sky merges with endless green field ahead of you and you would just like to quietly watch the grass grow. If you are, be sure to make a stop and join me for a wonderful journey!   

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I am here to share with you great styles and wonders in my life that I truly deeply loves and believes. Whoop! If you like it come home with me in short skips!

I feel the urge to put a song here named Valder Fields by Tamas Wells. It is about how life should be balanced between responsibilities and Leunig-esque life style, which I cannot agree more. You can find the song here.

I was found on the ground by the fountain
At Valder Fields and was almost dry
Lying in the sun after I have tried  
Lying in the sun by the side ……


Hope you guys all enjoy it and immerse yourself into your daily tasks and most importantly, enjoy every bit of sunshine and leisure as you go!